Article: Shojo or Shonen how to tell what anime is what

Shojo or Shonen how to tell what anime is what

Shojo or Shonen how to tell what anime is what

The terms Shojo (girl's) anime and Shonen (boy's) anime can be kind of difficult to define some times. In truth there is no solid dividing line, nothing that clearly files a series under one category or the other. In my personal opinion a great anime show qualifies as both and a terrible one is neither as someone with an open mind can generally enjoy both regardless of their gender. Even so there is a good set of indicators what anime show is what. Here is a list of things to look for if you want to know if a show is Shojo or Shonen. The more indicators a show has the more likely it is going to be in one category even though some shows will have some from both lists.

An anime show might be Shojo if…

Any of the male characters look effeminate (bishonen). Almost any show will attract female fans regardless of any other considerations if it has bishonen.

Any of the characters are or vaguely appear to be homosexual.

The majority of the fights in a show are concluded when the Heroine fires a beam out of her magic wand.

You ever have any difficulty telling if a character is male or female.

When the main character makes friends with a fuzzy little creature that gives some gadget that gives her magic powers.

If the show is filled with attractive men that oddly enough don't have a girlfriend.

The main female character doesn't usually wear spandex or walk around in her underwear.

An anime show might be Shonen if…

Any of the female characters have large breasts. If most of them do it is almost certainly a shonen title.

More than two female characters are at all interested in a single male character.

If a fight lasts more than one episode.

Almost any situation is a good time to see women's underwear.

When the main character makes friends with some monster or robot that can save the world all by itself but still hangs around the kid.

The show is full of attractive women that oddly enough fight over the same loser.

If the main female character has no purpose except to berate the hero or occasionally need saving.

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