Fan Fiction: Leaf and the clouds Naruto fic

Leaf and the clouds Naruto fic

Leaf and the clouds Naruto fic

"It looks like it will be a while before Kurenai gets here so it should be okay." Shino said.

"You heard him Hinata, let's do it." Kiba said. He stepped backward and raised his hands into a fighting stance.

"Yes." Hinata said with a nod. She likewise shifted into a fighting stance and the veins around her face protruded as she activated her clan's special sight, the byakugan.

"Okay you guys, begin." Shino said. Leaning back on a tree at the edge of the training grounds he would lazily officiate the match, at least until he had something better to do.

"Are you ready to go Akamaru? Let's start off with that Jutsu." Kiba told his loyal dog. His hands crossed to perform the special seal and with a puff of smoke Akamaru took Kiba's shape becoming a indistinguishable copy. Both Kibas for no one could tell which one was actually Akamaru dropped to all fours and circled around Hinata.

Hinata simply stood guard. Among other things the byakugan gave her the ability to see from all directions so an attack from behind would not be nearly as effective against her as it would be against any other opponent. Still an attack came as both Kiba and Akamaru stopped at her sides and crouched. They then launch into a spinning maneuver that was one of Kiba's best attacks, the Gatsuuga.

What had been Hinata's opponents had become two indistinct blurs the same color of gray as Kiba's coat. The two gray bullets approached Hinata at slightly different times. The faster one must be Akamaru since Kiba wouldn't take his combat drugs for a simple sparring match like this one, Hinata thought.

Hinata turned to face the faster attacker. She stuck the edge of the oncoming blur with her palm as a blue Chakra flowed out of her hand. This had been a bit of a gamble but it paid off as her hand caught one of Kiba's arms. The blow struck at his momentum making it impossible to maintain the Gatsuuga. Hinata took the opportunity to strike at Kiba but her blow was parried.

The real Kiba still performing his half of the Gatsuuga smiled to himself. Akamaru had been a useful decoy while he would strike the real blow. His confidence broke as Hinata sidestepped him at the last moment. Fearful of ramming into Akamaru Kiba tried to halt the force of the Gatsuuga himself. Taking advantage of this Hinata struck Kiba in the chest with two fingers. This did nothing to Kiba but he knew the reality of the situation, with Hinata's training she could have easily made that a crippling blow.

"One point for Hinata." Shino said from his place in the shade.

Kiba grimaced in anger. Hinata is a bit better than me when it comes to straight hand to hand combat so I need to attack her from a new angle, he thought. Kiba leaped back before Hinata could attack him again and Akamaru did the same.

Kiba and Akamaru resumed circling around Hinata sometimes reversing their direction doing their best to confuse her. At one point the two passed each other and Kiba handed something to Akamaru. Kiba made a signal that made no sense to Hinata, it could only be a signal to Akamaru. While racing past Hinata Kiba threw two specially blunted Kunai at her. This is too easy, Hinata thought. Just then she noticed two Kunai flying towards her from behind.

Kiba sure is training Akamaru well, Shino thought to himself. Hinata had no time for such laid back observations. In fact she didn't have enough time to parry all of the Kunai. If she knew the Hakkeshou Kaiten like her cousin Neji things would be different but she should only dodge by jumping straight up.

Kiba stopped running in front of a tree and then jumped up and then jumped again using the tree to catapult him towards Hinata. She raised her hands to block his attack. Hinata gritted her teeth in frustration as she noticed Akamaru sailing towards her from behind. She could neither change her direction in mid air nor turn to block his attack. The only thing she could do is cushion her fall after Akamaru rammed into her.

Iruka studied the paper yet again. "So who do you think we should assign this mission to?" Iruka asked. He had no clear suggestions and wanted to delegate the matter to the Hokage.

Tsunade paused from the task of refining Sakura's curriculum and raised a hand to her chin. After a moment of thought she grinned and said "Team eight."

Iruka was dumbstruck by the hokage's statement. After a moment and a couple of stutters her said "Are you serious? This has to be at least a B rank mission maybe and A rank. Team eight is comprised of three Genin"

"One of them has already been on an A rank mission already. I think his name was Kiba." Tsunade said.

"And he nearly died on that mission."

"If they run into to too much trouble they can always fall back on Kurenai, and she has had her share of A rank missions." Tsunade retorted.

"I still think you are being too reckless with them"

"You knew I was a gambler when Kohona took me on as their hokage so you shouldn't be suprised at my decisions."

"As I recall you were a horrible gambler and village had to pay off your debts."

Tsunade shot a deadly look at Iruka. He had brought up a sore subject and further discussion would only get the chunin instructor in trouble.

With the special sight that the members of the Hyuuga clan possessed Hinata saw someone approaching. It was Kurenai. The lectures that she gave Hinata came flooding back to her "You need to be more aggressive in battle". If there was one thing that fighting Kiba wasn't good for it would be that lesson. Even without him taking his pills the idea of Hinata matching Kiba in speed seemed impossible to her. Even so she didn't want to face her disappointed instructor.

A point where Kiba circled close to Hinata, she lunged at him. Kiba was mildly suprised by the attack but darted away long before Hinata's attack could connect. Hinata grimmaced as this only caused Kiba to move further away. Hinata began to run after him in an furious manner. Why now? Kiba thought to himself. Could she have been waiting for me to start slowing down from exhaustion? One sniff and Kiba knew the real reason for Hinata's sudden offensive.

As she chased Kiba, Hinata slowly became more frustrated. Trying to corner him was like trying to coral the wind itself. He would only attack when a chance presented itself. Below a rock sticking out of the ground provided that chance. Hinata tried to feign stumbling on that rock. It didn't work as well as she hoped for her act set her off balance.

Her feigned misstep did exactly what she wished it to do. Kiba and Akamaru pounced on her in an instant. Hinata was prepared for the onslaught and her hands glowed with blue chakra. Her palm met her first attacker and in a puff of smoke the jutsu that gave Akamaru a human form was dispelled, leaving only an innocent looking dog. Hinata winced as she faced her other attacker for she was a split second too late to block Kiba's attack.

"Stop!" Kurenai yelled ending the sparring match. Kiba's hand was frozen in a vicious clawing position a couple of inches away from Hinata's face. The light emanating from Hinata's hand she had in preparation for a counter attack faded.

"So you were having a sparring match." Kurenai said, obviously pleased with her student's initiative.

"Yeah we haven't seen each other since we have been training at our family's place for the past couple of days so I wanted to see if Hinata had gotten any better." Kiba said, adrenaline from the recent fight bolstering is enthusiasm. Hinata nodded in agreement.

"That is good to hear as you are going to need all the skills you have." Kurenai said.

"I assume we have a mission." Shino said.

"Yes and it is probably the toughest one we have had yet." Kurenai said.

As he picked himself off the ground Shino said. "I was hoping to use that in my match but I will have a chance to use it on the mission." His tone of voice betrayed a sense of excitement in his usual quiet manner.

"And what would that be?" Kiba asked.

"Oh you will just have to wait and see." Shino said through his smirk.

The only person who didn't share in the excitement was Hinata, who had a worried look. "What's the problem Hinata?" Kiba asked.

"This sounds like a tough mission, I don't know if I can handle this one." Hinata said as she seemed to fade into a non existent corner.

"You shouldn't worry about a thing. You did very well against me and I've fought elite sound ninjas." Kiba said, doing his best to assuage Hinata's fear.

"You're right I shouldn't be scared." Hinata said. It was clear that she was still somewhat tense as her mouth formed a weak smile.

"In that case we should start preparing to move out." Kurenai said.

End of chapter 1

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