Print Review: Vampire Hunter D volume 1

Vampire Hunter D volume 1

Review Vampire Hunter D volume 1Written by WarpshadowRating very good/ excellent

One thing about a movie is that it only has a limited run time and some cool things have to be cut out. In that case you can think of the novel as the directorís cut of Vampire Hunter D.

D is a vampire hunter and since he is half vampire himself, a very good one. Doris Lang needs his help since she has come under the rather fatal attention of a millennia old vampire Count Magnus Lee. Dispatching this vampire is no easy matter as Lee has plenty of minions and tricks to throw at D, as well as being stronger than your average member of the nobility (name for vampires in the book).

While the name Vampire Hunter D may suggest that this is a horror novel it is very much a science fiction/ fantasy novel as well. Such novels depend on interesting ideas for setting and whatnot and Vampire Hunter D has interesting ideas coming out itís ears. While the book is analogous to the first movie it provides a more in-depth version. Not only is the setting explained but some characters are more fleshed out and the plot is more complex in places as well. While it is impossible for me to speak about the accuracy of the translation can assure you that the text isnít cumbersome and reads well. If you are literate at all I suggest you pick up this book.

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