Print Review: Love Hina: The Novel

Love Hina: The Novel

Review Love Hina: The NovelWritten by WarpshadowRating good

This a Love Hina light novel, the name pretty much says it all. If the idea of reading such a book interests you by all means go ahead and read it.

When Keitaro Urashima failed the college entrance exams to Tokyo university three times his parents kicked him out. With no where else to turn he took up his grandmother's offer to manage the Hinata House. With his grandmother didn't tell him was that the Hinata House was a girl's dormitory inhabited by girls that weren't exactly thrilled at the idea of a male manager and the tendency to express their displeasure violently. Lately the girls have started to take and interest in Keitaro's body. This is more than just a carnal inquiry for there is a rumor that there is treasure map on Keitaro's body.

Love Hina: The Novel is not a novelized retelling of the Love Hina story but Instead a couple of side stories in the Love Hina setting. As such the book is written assuming the reader has some previous familiarity with the characters. There are some small inconsistencies with the original story as stated by the author but the general spirit of the story remains the same. The general level of the writing in this book is simple although uninspired probably due to a combination of factors including a target audience of teenagers, being a supplement to a franchise and going through translation. Although it is unfair to say the book consists entirely of sexual highjinks followed by our narrator Keitaro being punched through a wall there is a fair amount of that in the book. Then again if you don't like that sort of thing your probably wouldn't be reading something called Love Hina: The Novel in the first place.

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