Print Review: Inu Yasha volumes 1-10

Inu Yasha volumes 1-10

Review Inu Yasha volumes 1-10Written by WarpshadowRating good/ very good

Inu Yasha has been criticized as too long and overrated but if you really think about it an anime or manga series canít go on forever or attract a legion of crazy fans if it really sucks.

Kagome Higurashi was never one to think much about the supernatural even though she lived in a shrine. That changed the day that she fell into a well and wound up in the feudal era. She Finds a strange looking boy impaled to a tree. When a demon attack a jewel falls out of Kagomeís wound. This wakes up the boy (Inu Yasha) who offers to save her if she will set him free. Even though the two have many disagreements they will need to work together to keep evil demons from getting their hands on the jewel of the four soulds which empowers demons.

Inu Yasha is a story that has a long history with the anime and manga community. Those that are familiar with the anime version of this story should be a bit cautious if they are squeamish as the manga is a more gory version of the story. Either way this manga does require a bit of patience as the story take a while (volume 5 to be precise) before it evolves from a monster of the week format into something more substantial. Even then the majority of the story is taken up by fighting whatever monster of the week the characters run into even if there is a more substantial over arcing plot and an expanded base of important characters. In short Inu Yasha is sort of a bridge between the horror and shonen adventure genres and if you like either you like either then picking up this manga is something that I recommend.

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