Print Review: Infinite Ryvius volumes 1-2 (complete)

Infinite Ryvius volumes 1-2 (complete)

Review Infinite Ryvius volumes 1-2 (complete)Written by WarpshadowRating good

This is a manga that is not only based off of an anime series but is also generally requires that you see it first if you want the full experience from the manga.

Aoi Housen is a student aboard the space station school Liebe Delta. She wasn’t expecting to be reunited with her childhood friend Kouji Aiba along with his younger brother Yuki aboard the station. Even less expected was the accident that caused the school to sink into the sea of geduld, a giant nebula that swallowed much of the solar system eighty years ago. The students escape aboard the space ship Ryvius and wait for rescue. Little does she or anybody else know that will turn out to be more than just a simple waiting game.

The Infinite Ryvius manga is a companion piece to the anime show of the same name. The manga expects the reader to be familiar with the anime as there is references to many events that are not properly explained due to being cut for space. The one thing that this manga really adds to the Ryvius experience is a solid character focus, being Aoi. I wouldn’t really call this a shojo manga as the characters are generally unchanged from the anime but on the other hand Aoi and her roommates aren’t moe stereotypes by any stretch of the imagination. If you really liked the Infinite Ryvius television series (which I did) then looking into this manga may be worthwhile but otherwise this manga could be a bit confusing.

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