Print Review: Good Witch of The West (book 1)

Good Witch of The West (book 1)

Review Good Witch of The West Written by WarpshadowRating good/ very good

I wouldn’t call this book a revolutionary or outstanding book but I found it be a more than decent fantasy shojo story.

For the first fifteen years of her life Firel lived as a normal girl in Sera Field with her father and his apprentice Rune. Like any girl she looked forward to attending the ball at the count’s castle commemorating the queen’s birthday. Since this is special occasion Firel received a stunning necklace that used to belong to her mother. While Firel was always expecting this to be a night she would always remember it will also be the night where she learns the secret of her heritage.

Although novels are harder classify by demographic due to lack of anthologies I feel confident in saying that Good Witch Of The West is more directed at girls. Even so the characters hold enough emotional weight that the reader is expected to enjoy the story for the characters rather than be intoxicated with the male lead and ignore the book’s shortcomings. The translation of the book was pulled of beautifully and the story is filled vivid descriptions without being purple in it’s prose. Although I won’t say that this is an amazing book but if you like to read low key fantasy novels then The Good Witch Of The West is a good way to spend a couple of hours.

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