Print Review: Rizelmine volume 1 (complete)

Rizelmine volume 1 (complete)

Review Rizelmine volume 1 (complete)Written by WarpshadowRating fair/ good

Rizelmine is kind of cute but in reality it isn’t much else. Just as a heads up it isn’t as creepy as you might think.

As a small child Iwaki was in an accident that he could barely remember but left him with a taste in older women. So for a guy like him practically nothing could be worse than being with a girl younger than him. However that is exactly what happens when he finds out that the government has married him to the twelve year old Rizel. The problem with the mismatch is while Rizel loves Iwaki so very much she is a bit unstable and when she cries her tears literally explode.

Part of the reason that I write reviews is to clear up misconceptions and Rizelmine has a big one. While this may look like a lolicon story the truth of the matter is that this story has little to no sexualizing of Rizel or any other little girls. It is more about comedy with a slight tinge of romance staring an ultra cute but borderline annoying girl. Clocking in at one volume there isn’t much room for anything other than a fairly simple conclusion but an epic storyline isn’t what you would expect from this kind of manga anyways. In a final verdict I found Rizelmine to be kind of mediocre as while I don’t find this manga to be horrible there isn’t too much going for it either.

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