Print Review: Gentleman Alliance Cross volumes 1-4

Gentleman Alliance Cross volumes 1-4

Review Gentleman Alliance Cross volumes 1-4Written by WarpshadowRating very good

Gentleman Alliance is a pretty good shojo manga with really nice artwork. If you like this genre at all then this is a pretty good title to read.

Haine Otomiya may look like a normal girl but she has a dark past. When she was a child her parents traded her to the Otomiya family for a sum of 50 million yen. In her middle school years she lashed out as a yanki (girl gang member) until a boy named Shizumasa saved her from her despair. In high school she is but a common student and the Shizumasa she so admires is revered as the student council president. It may look impossible but fate may allow her to close the distance between them.

The idea of a love story between a fairly common girl and a veritable prince of a boy is something that is so common in shojo manga as to be almost ubiquitous. This means that for a story like that to be noteworthy it has to be special. Fortunately this manga is just that, with a cast of interesting characters that range from a female lead that has more to her than the usual shojo heroine to quirky side characters. The art style of this manga is also something that is well worth seeing. Simply put this is a somewhat average shojo manga but something that I would liken to a high quality vanilla.

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