Print Review: Oh My Goddess volumes 1-15

Oh My Goddess volumes 1-15

Review Oh My Goddess volumes 1-15Written by WarpshadowRating very good

To tell the truth I have been reading Oh My Goddess for quite some time and have only begun rereading again to write this review.

Keiichi Morisato was a kind but unlucky college student. One day by a chance of fate he received a call from the Goddess Help Line. A goddess named Belldandy appeared before him and granted him one wish. Being a lonely young man he wished for her to be with him forever. This wish as a side consequence got him ejected from his dorm. Even when they find a new place to stay there will be a never ending stream of odd things befalling Keiichi that come with being the boyfriend of a goddess.

The idea of a somewhat of a loser guy getting a magical girlfriend is a somewhat common story in manga and anime and Oh My Goddess is perhaps the most recognizable example of this story type. There is a good reason for this mangaís popularity though. Rather than attempt to act like a harem show or dull the viewer with fan service Oh My Goddess goes for a lighter tone which tries to inundate the reader with a wave of good feelings and happy thoughts. As a caveat donít expect the plot to go anywhere as after fifteen volumes the only thing of consequence that has happen is that an increasing number of side characters have been introduced. This may not be the romantic manga for everybody but if you are looking for something light and breezy you might want to pick this one up.

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