Print Review: Real Bout High Volumes 1-4

Real Bout High Volumes 1-4

Real Bout High volumes 1-4Written by WarpshadowRating fair/ good

Normally I am a guy that likes fighting with his boobs but even though this manga has both of those things there isnít enough of a story to really interest me.

Ryoko Mitsurugi was a girl who loved old Samurai movies and became a strong member of the kendo club. However she always worried that her skills as a martial artist would keep boys away from her like Tesuya whom she had a crush on. On the other hand it only attracted the brutish Shizuma Kusunagi who Ryoko in turn had no interest in. However all this skill in the martial arts would come to good use in Daimon High school which not only tolerates fights but even has public duels known as K fights.Real Bout High School is either a romantic comedy with a good deal of action in it or an action show with a good deal of romantic comedy in it. Either way this is a manga with more than a fair amount of fan service although the service is usually more incidental and often action related than anything else. The plot of the story is kind of chaotic and left me scratching my head in terms of where the story was going to go more than once. This manga is good if you are looking for another guilty pleasure manga then Real Bout High School may be a good choice for you.

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