Print Review: Van Von Hunter Volumes 1-3

Van Von Hunter Volumes 1-3

Review Van Von Hunter Volumes 1-3Written by WarpshadowRating fair/ good

While I don’t consider this manga to be burnable trash It isn’t good enough to change an overall negative opinion of English Manga if you have one.

In some fantasy worlds it seems like the forces of darkness rear their ugly heads with foul dreams of conquest on a weekly basis. Luckily for those that aren't part of those said forces of darkness there are intrepid heroes like Van Von Hunter there to fight evil. When he learns of the latest plot to bring terror and nastiness upon the land he springs into action by finding his trusty sidekick (who is unnamed) who has been working as a part time waitress. While they were able to fight and defeat the last threat but how will Van Von Hunter and company fare against the likes of an undead jester and brownie totting goblins?

There is a tendency among original english language manga towards parody and Van Von Hunter is part of that trend. This manga's style of humor is often times dependent on various references so if you aren't down with video games and the like there are a lot of jokes that may just pass you by. There is also a version of volume one that tries to increase the vocabulary of the reader but does so at the expense of making the dialogue needlessly verbose. There are several good jokes but overall I found the comedy to be fairly mediocre with no other significant draws in the manga.

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