Print Review: OH My Goddess First End

OH My Goddess First End

Review Oh My Goddess First EndWritten by WarpshadowRating good/ very good

This Oh My Goddess novel is one that is intended mostly for fans of the franchise but it is good enough that it is something that rewards one’s fandom as opposed to merely cashing in on it.

Ever since he made the request that the goddess Belldandy stay with him forever Keiichi Morisato has been drawn into the world of the supernatural. One day it became known that his contact with the goddess that live with him caused him to become a singularity that threatened the balance of the universe. As a corrective measure the yggradsill system had to be reset. How even such a drastic measure might not be everything that is needed to set things right as they slowly learn.

Oh My Goddes First end is what under my naming conventions call a franchise novel. One thing that sets this book apart is that it is written by Yumi Touma who fans of the anime series (the very type that franchise novels and movies are made for) will recognize as the seiyuu for Urd. More importantly though this novel manages an arcing plot while maintaining the light and usually episodic nature of the series making it one of the better franchise pieces that I have seen, Oh My Goddess or otherwise. Although you should be familiar with this franchise to fully enjoy this book if you are this is something I recommend.

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