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zyword (complete)

Review Zyword (complete)Written by WarpshadowRating fair

Zyword is a manga that may look pretty but to call the plot messed up and incomprehensible may be something of an understatement.

In the world of Zyword the kingdom of Araimel has been attacked. The shield spell that held the peace of the land has been disrupted and as a result it's citizens have been encased in ice. Only three people escaped that fate and two of them are princess Lunatia and her aide Roddy. It seems that the people responsible for this is the Holy Valstoke church which does the bidding of the three goddess of chaos. Even though Lunatia is no ordinary magician can even she stand up to divine opposition?

Zyword is a short fantasy manga that has a unique take on magic and fantasy elements. However that could be described as the manga's weakness rather than it's strength as they are dumped on the reader in a fashion that makes the opening scenes almost incomprehensible. This is not helped by the pacing which crams far more than two hundred pages of plot in the space of one volume. The artwork is pretty decent and makes for a saving grace this manga needs. Even so I found this manga to be sub par and thus I do not recommend it.

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