Print Review: Video Girl Ai volumes 1-3

Video Girl Ai volumes 1-3

Video girl Ai volumes 1-3Written by WarpshadowRating very good

Video Girl Ai is one of the better magical girlfriend manga titles out there as it contains an evolving plot and characters as well as good art.

Yota Moteuchi is a pretty hapless high school student who is in love with the beautiful Moemi. One day after a rejection he wanders into a strange video store and rents a video. The video is no ordinary one for it holds a video girl called Ai, a person that comes out of the television to help solve the problems of their renter. However Yota played the video in his broken VCR and so when Ai comes out she is likewise a bit defective. Will Ai be able to help Yota hook up with Moemi or will he start looking at another girl?

When it comes to romantic shows for guys I consider myself to be something of a minor expert and from my experience I can safely say that Video Girl Ai is one of the better stories that I have seen. While Yota could be considered to be your basic wimp at the beginning of the manga he quickly evolves so the story keeps moving. Also the artwork is very well done so even at it's most fan service laden this manga is quality, at least to a certain audience. However this is not to say that this manga is just eye candy, the plot is pretty decent too. Overall Video Girl Ai is a manga that I would recommend.

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