Print Review: Go Go Heaven volumes 1-3

Go Go Heaven volumes 1-3

Review Go Go Heaven volumes 1-3Written by WarpshadowRating fair/ good

Comedy is can be a difficult thing to pull off and when it doesn’t work well it turns out to be annoying instead, which this manga frequently is.

Shirayuki was a quiet girl who went to school at the venerable St. Christina’s school for girls. Her life came to an end when she was hit by a truck. Yet when she was sent for judgment It was unclear whether she deserved to go to heaven or hell and so she was given an extra forty nine days of life to help decide her fate. Those wouldn’t be any normal seven weeks as the prince of hell has decided to follow her back to the mortal realm and is more than willing to use his powers to convince Shirayuki to join him as his queen of hell. Will Shirayuki find some way to avoid a horrible afterlife?

Go Go Heaven is a shoujo styled comedy manga. However from my experience of reading this manga I found it not all that funny. This is of course of a comic for girls so the target audience might be a little more prone to laugh if only because they have been loosened up by the bishonen. On the other hand I found the artwork to be a bit mediocre, possibly due to an overly hectic writing schedule (you can red about it in the manga’s sidebar’s if you care). One thing I can tell you is that this manga doesn’t have enough story to be read as a straight romance or drama. Given how generous I felt I had to be with this review to avoid sounding too harsh I can say that this is a manga I don’t recommend.

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