Print Review: Full Moon Wo Sagashite volumes 1-3

Full Moon Wo Sagashite volumes 1-3

Review Full Moon Wo Sagashite volumes 1-3Written by WarpshadowRating very good

While many manga manage to be cute not many manage to be endearing which is a perfect one word description of this manga.

The thing that Mitsuki Koyama loved most of all was singing but she was prevented from practicing because she had cancer of the throat. She refused surgery because it would remove her vocal chords and keep her from singing forever. One day she was visited by two Shinigami Takuto and Meroko who say that she has one year to live. Mitsuki agrees that she will go with them peacefully when her time comes if they would help her fulfill her dream. So Takuto grants Mitsuki the ability to transform into a sixteen year old with a healthy body. Even with this turn of good luck and a lot of hard work will Mitsuki be able to achieve the dream behind her dream, a reunion with her old love Eichi?

Full Moon Wo Sagashite is a shoujo manga that uses the semi common theme of magical age progreesion. For many reader the wish of a twelve year old to become a sixteen year old idol in a way other than four years singing lessons is a bit indulgent but this manga cleverly overcomes that hurdle. In truth this manga is kind of dark given the childish looking fašade but if you are an older reader of either gender that reads magical girl manga then this is a story that will not speak down to you. If you are familiar with the anime version of this story the manga is still worth reading as the plot is markedly different in several ways, the most thankfully being the beginning which is not plagued with filler. Overall I found this to be a really worthwhile manga that I would recommend to anybody that reads shoujo manga.

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