Print Review: Nephlym volumes 1-2

Nephlym volumes 1-2

Review Nephlym volumes 1-2Written by WarpshadowRating fair

There are many stories about some regular boy or girl gaining powers from a pact with some otherworldly being but usually the otherworldly being of at least something in the story is interesting unlike this story.

Shun Imai always knew that he was different from other people as he had some strange resonance with static electricity. However he never knew how different his would be until the day that he met a tiny winged girl named Air. Air was a being called Nephlym, a celestial being sent to defeat monsters of darkness called Noir. However Nephlym can not do their job alone, they need a human called an answerer to channel their power. Luckily for Shun he is not the only answerer, he has comrades including his cute classmate Sanari. Yet despite his luck Shun is a young man tasked with defeating strange monsters with powers he can barely comprehend.

Nephlym is a very cute sort of monster hunting manga although at first glance one might think that this is some sort of magical girlfriend story but Air and the other Nephlym are too silent and devoid of personality to act as another other than mascots. As for the rest of the characters it feels as the creator hired them from central casting. The cute factor that I am guessing is what is this manga’s hook is somewhat curtailed by the somewhat uneven artwork that is present in the manga. This is also a title that doesn’t work as an action manga. Needless to say but this is a manga that I do not recommend to anybody.

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