Print Review: Pretty Face volumes 1-5

Pretty Face volumes 1-5

Review Pretty Face volumes 1-5Written by WarpshadowRating good

This is a comedy with fan service tendencies. If you donít like fan service you probably wonít like this manga but at the same time it doesnít overpower the manga.

Rando was the captain of the High school karate club and was generally known as a violent bully. That wasnít entirely true as he had a soft spot for Rina Kurumi. Randoís dream of confessing his love was dealt a cruel blow when he was caught in a horrible bus accident. When he woke up from his coma he finds that his situation may have taken a strange turn for the worse as he finds he has Rinaís face. When he runs into Rina she welcomes Rando as his long lost sister Yuna. With nowhere else to go Rando decides to follow along with Rinaís delusion but just how long can he keep up this ruse, especially when he still has his male naughty bits?

Pretty Face is a pretty good fan service comedy but given the genre not that much is to be expected of it. For the most part chapters tend to be disconnected from each other with most of them focusing on some sort of fan service gag or some of usually sleazy side character that Rando has to beat into submission. Given that the main character is a pseudo female at least most of the jokes havenít been done to death. For those that are open to such a series this should be an enjoyable series as this manga is better than average artwork. While this isnít a special or amazing series it is worth reading for itís target audience.

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