Print Review: Legal Drug volumes 1-3 (Complete)

Legal Drug volumes 1-3 (Complete)

Review Legal Drug Volumes 1-3 (complete)Written by WarpshadowRating fair/ good

I wanted to like Legal Drug and for the most part it was decent although I found the ending to be a bit disappointing.

Kazahaya was once just a wanderer sleeping in the snow. He was saved from a pointless death by Rikuo who found him a place to live. Kazahaya now works at Green Drugstore as a stock boy. However to make ends meet he has to take special side jobs offered by the store’s owner Kakei. The jobs are of a strange nature that take advantage of Kayahaya’s special ability to sense memories with just a touch. Even in this new life he a to depend on Rikuo.

Legal Drug is a supernatural mystery manga made by the famous mangaka team CLAMP who have made a couple of other manga in this genre that I have found quite entertaining. For the first two volumes at least I have found this manga to be a pretty intriguing collection of episodic stories with hints of a greater mystery behind the main characters. However volume three goes downhill as the story turns into a fan service for girls story about an all boys school and ends without resolving anything about the characters. I wouldn't say that this manga is bas as much as it is simply disappointing but I still wouldn't recommend this to anybody but the most ardent fans of the creators.

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