Print Review: Tuxedo Gin volumes 1-2

Tuxedo Gin volumes 1-2

Tuxedo Gin volumes 1-2Written by WarpshadowRating good

As a romantic comedy I found Tuxedo Gin to be a decent story and a good use of a cute animal in comedy.

Ginsuke was living a pretty charmed life as not only did he just pass his exam to become a professional boxer he also was able to ask out the girl of his dreams, the lovely Minako. That was until he got into a bad motorcycle accident and died. However Ginsuke was able to make a bargain that would let him return to his old body. All he would have to do is live out the life of a penguin to it's natural end (if he commits suicide the contract is void). However can Gin keep his life from falling apart while living in the body of a penguin?

As far as romantic comedies go Tuxedo Gin is a manga that is almost pure comedy with only the barest hints of relationships that exist primarily to spur on the characters. At least in this case the male lead has a very good reason not to further the relationship with the girl he likes. The comedy is pretty decent although I wouldn't consider this to be one of the classics of comedy manga. Overall this is a decent manga that is good for the occasional laugh but unless you really love a lot of comedies then you can probably find funnier stuff elsewhere.

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