Print Review: Mao chan volume 1

Mao chan volume 1

Review Mao Chan volume 1Written by WarpshadowRating good

This manga is really cute and not as creepy as you might think it is. On the other hand this manga isnít much else.

In the year 2000 Japan has come under the threat of aliens who wish to steal the nationís landmarks. However those are very aliens so while defeating them using conventional weapons is possible it would look really mean. So the JSDF came with the ingenious plan of using the Ground defense chiefís adorable granddaughter Mao to fend of the aliens since she is as cute as they are. However the chiefs of the Air and Sea Forces refuse to be outdone and so they send their own adorable granddaughters to fend the country alongside Mao. However does Mao, Misora and Slyvie have what it takes to defend the country from aliens?

Mao Chan is a magical girl that follows a more modern trend of being targeted at an audience other than young girls. This means fan service but fortunately the sexy images are of women more mature than Mao and her elementary school age friends. On the other hand the three heroines of this story are pretty much designed to give readers a cavity or two. The plot of this manga is fairly shallow as the conflice between the defense force and the aliens is predominant and even then cuteness trumps dramatic tension. Even the alien spies are hard to take more seriously than you average Saturday morning cartoon villains. If you are looking for a cute fix in your manga reading then Mao Chan should more than fill it.

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