Print Review: Tetragamation Labyrinth volumes 1-3

Tetragamation Labyrinth volumes 1-3

Review Tetragamaton LabyrinthWritten by WarpshadowRating good/ very good

An action/ horror manga is always well served by good artwork and this manga definitely has that.

The streets of old London are frought with danger but it is something more than just muggers causing the violence; demons that hunger for human souls stalk the streets. However there are people that hunt these demons. Two of the most notable demon hunters are sister Meg and her partner, the eternally young Angela. There is a heavy curse upon Angela that prevents her from dieing as a human and in her centuries of life Meg was the only one to need her and so Angela stays by her side. Yet a curse so dire can not come from just anywhere and should that source come for either of the pair will they be able to survive?

In manga and anime horror stories often come as a subgenre of action and such a phenomenon is present in Tetragamaton Labyrinth. This manga is not just horror as there is a fair amount of fan service including some from and underdeveloped girl despite the caveat that she is really centuries old. Unlike some fan service manga the plot is not derailed for the sake of fan service and the artwork is well done which is a plus regardless of what side of the fan service fence you are on. The company that licenses this manga places it in itís line of yuri manga although the relationship between Meg and Angela is pretty vague which pretty much a given as half of the pair is an immortal twelve year old. Overall I found this to be a pretty good manga that I would recommend to those with a fair amount of squick tolerance.

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