Print Review: Qwan volumes 1-3

Qwan volumes 1-3

Review Qwan volumes 1-3Written by WarpshadowRating good/ very good

Qwan is an interesting fantasy adventure manga that doesn’t feel like every fantasy manga in existence. That and since there are no glaring pitfalls in this work one that I suggest to you the reader.

Even in mystical places like ancient China there are some nonreligious people like Choukei who out of hunger eats the offering for the local gods. It might have been too later for him to repent when he is tied up and left to be eaten by a demon but the one that ended up being eaten was the demon who was devoured by a strange boy named Qwan. Exactly who or even what Qwan is not even Qwan knows but Choukei knows one thing, Qwan would be the perfect meal ticket with his demon eating powers. As they travel Qwan learns one important clue about his identity, namely if he wants to know the whole truth he needs to find the essential arts of peace. Yet with a scroll of that power Qwan certainly wouldn’t be the only one looking for it.

One thing that a fantasy story can always use is a bit of originality and since there isn’t too many stories like Qwan (that I have read at least) this manga passes that test. I found the artwork to be rather good but not masterful as it evokes both the mundane and the supernatural aspects of the setting quite well. The main character is very powerful but the story is created in a way that his strength doesn’t overpower the storyline. Overall I found Qwan to be a good fantasy title that even the jaded could enjoy a little.

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