Print Review: Strawberry Panic books 1-2

Strawberry Panic books 1-2

Review Strawberry Panic novel volumes 1-2Written by WarpshadowRating good/ very good

If you liked the Anime version of this Yuri standard then it behooves you to read the book. Part of the reason for this is because the book has a more fleshed out plot.

Nagisa Aoi is a new transfer student to St Miator, one of the three prestigious all girls schools on Astrea Hill. On her first day there she ran into Shizuma Hanazono, an elegant senior who also attends Miator. Shizuma has a bit of a reputation having capricious romances and when she sees Nagisa the young lady piques Shizuma’s interest. Will Nagisa become just another one of Shizuma’s many conquest or will their relationship blossom into something more?

This set of light novels is the written work arm of the Strawberry Panic Franchise. This of course leads to comparisons with the Strawberry Panic anime show. The novels come out ahead particularly due to the Spica storyline which is vastly improved compared to its anime counterpart. The writing style of these books favors one that is very elegant on the surface with barely controlled emotions running rampant, not the material suitable for a classic but it is interesting reading none the less.

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