Print Review: Her Majesty's Dog Volumes 1-3

Her Majesty's Dog Volumes 1-3

Review Her Majesty’s Dog volumes 1-3Written by WarpshadowRating good/ very good

There are a lot of manga featuring a boy and his monster girl but this manga takes that formula and reverses the genders. It isn’t half bad to boot.

Amane looks to be a beautiful but quiet girl who is disliked by most of the girls in her class. Most of this is because of Hyoue, a handsome boy in the class who kisses Amane in public. The truth of Amane is that she is actually a type of magican called a Kotodama who uses word magic and Hyoue is her familiar. However her supernatural powers are as much of a hassle as a boon as even though she has powers her family tradion looms over her and angry spirits seek her out.

Her Majesty’s dog is a shoujo styled monster hunting manga. That is an odd combination and from my experience it is a combination that works. There are several shoujo elements in this manga but like all good shoujo manga this manga is something that doesn’t rely entirely on bishonen in the least bit. I also found the monster hunting elements of the manga feel non repetitive as well. The artwork in this manga is drawn well enough to be a draw to prospective readers of both genders. Overall I found Her Majesty’s dog to be a good manga that is well worth reading.

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