Print Review: KamiKaze Kaito Jeane

KamiKaze Kaito Jeane

Review Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne volumes 1-5Written by WarpshadowRating very good

Magical girl manga is a good genre and unlike itís anime counterpart isnít drowning in filler. I suggest you pick up a title and see the difference.

Maron Kusakabe is a lonely girl with a secret, namely that she is the reincarnation of famous saint Jeanne Díarc. Her famous past life comes with a important responsibility in that she is tasked with hunting down paintings that hold demons which possess people in a plot to weaken god and draw power to the devil. Jeanne can handle the police easily enough but she is nearly floored by a new challenge in the form of Kaito Sinbad competes with Jeanne and wants her to quit.

This manga is a member of the much debated magical girl genre of manga. While there is serious differences in peopleís opinions about anime of the genre I have found Jeanne to hold up to the convention that while anime shows of the genre can dither about with seemingly endless amounts of filler episodes the magna generally includes just the important scenes. Also while I wonít give anything away there is a very interesting turn of events in volume five that make reading up to that point very worthwhile. Overall If you like magical girl shows even just a little then this manga is very much worth it in terms of prospective reads.

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