Print Review: Maximum Ride volumes 1-2

Maximum Ride volumes 1-2

Review Maximum RideWritten by WarpshadowRating good

Maximum ride is a decent enough action manga although I found the plot a bit ridiculous in certain parts.

Six children live in a cabin in the wilderness. All of the share something special, they all have wings. Four years ago they escaped from a laboratory called the school and two years ago the man who helped them escape disappeared. They believed they would live a tranquil life until one day the mutant forces of the school, the erasers, returned and took Angel, the youngest of the winged children. Eager to have her returned to hem the rest of the children hatch a plot to rescue her but exactly why did they go after her to the exclusion of everyone else?

Maximum ride is an Oel manga based off of a novel by James Paterson. I found the artwork to this manga to be competently drawn and an example of how good oel manga can be drawn. The plot on the other hand feels a bit less impressive. The characters feel a bit cliché and the story feels like it is riddled with plot holes. However I noticed that in volume 2 a few of the said plot holes start looking like they were put there on purpose so I am a bit less quick to condemn this manga. Overall I think this manga is decent enough for those that think they might like it but isn’t good enough for me to recommend to anybody else.

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