Print Review: Kiichi and Books of Magic volumes 1-4

Kiichi and Books of Magic volumes 1-4

Review Kiichi and the books of Magic volumes 1-4Written by WarpshadowRating good

Kiichi is an oddly relaxed sort of fantasy story. I found the change of pace interesting but at the same time it didnít really engage me that much.

Of all the boys in the village Kiichi is singled out because he was born with a horn that marked him as an oni child. He lived alone until one day a traveling librarian came to town. Mototaro was no ordinary librarian but someone with the power to bull objects and creatures from books. Such a person would be the perfect man to help Kiichi to learn more about being an oni and so even though Mototaro initially refuses he eventually allows Kiichi to follow him and Hana to the book depository.

If you might know by now I like to classify anime and manga by genres and this manga by my standards is a fantasy story in a more Japanese vein, Mushishi would be a good example of a story like this. However this is less episodic series which is a good thing in some respects. However I didnít most of the characters that interesting, not really annoying but at the same time they donít really stand out either. In fact many of the aspects of the manga are kind of average and a bit forgettable so you can give this manga a pass but if you want but if you can get it cheap then by all means go ahead.

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