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It takes a wizard

Review It takes a WizardWritten by WarpshadowRating fair/good

This Oel manga is a good example of a comic with good artwork but a story that just canít seem to keep up.

Three years ago The island of Manhattan was transformed from a modern metropolis to a death trap filled with dark creatures from the realm of fantasy. Modern technology is powerless before this new threat. So when the governer of New Jersey wants his daughter rescued from Manhattan the only person he can turn to is Isaac a powerful wizard who has been kept in prison for three years for his role in turning the island into what it is today. Isaac has formidable power but he is up against an entire dark island, can he do it?

It takes a wizard is an OEL manga that in my review has been compiled into one large volume. On the plus side the artwork is decent, not excellent but very serviceable. The storytelling on the other hand was a bit more troublesome. While the plot isnít without itís charm the fact of the matter is that there are more plot threads in this story than not only need to be but that the author can handle effectively and the result is a lot of wasted effort. As an overall review I would say that It takes a wizard is a manga that could have been good with some more forethought but in practice isnít.

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