Print Review: Vampire Kisses volumes 1-3 (complete)

Vampire Kisses volumes 1-3 (complete)

Review Vampire Kisses volumes 1-3 (complete)Written by WarpshadowRating fair/ goodVampire Kisses is a decent enough Oel manga if only one can forgive a complete lack of conflict or much of anything to hold a readerís interest.

Raven Madision is a Goth Girl who lives in a quiet town aptly called dullsville. The one bright (or as she would put it dark) spot in her life is her boyfriend Alexander Sterling, who is a bone-fide vampire. All is well in Ravenís life until one night Alexís jealous half vampire cousin Claude comes crawling back from Romania. Claude is searching for a vial of blood that will allow him and his vampire friends to become full vampires and they donít care how much trouble they will have to cause in order to get their way.

I know vampires are the hot thing right now and this manga is just cashing in on the phenomenon. On the upside the relationship between Raven and Alexander is much healthier than many vampire love stories. The artwork is also pretty good. However there is a gaping hole in this manga and that is that the entire driving point to the plot is Claudeís antagonism and for a vampire he makes for a pretty toothless villain. I usually avoid spoilers but I can say at least that Vampire Kisses has a very anticlimactic ending. Overall this story is nothing more than fluff.

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