Print Review: I's volumes 1-5

I's volumes 1-5

Review I's volumes 1-5Written by WarpshadowRating good/ very good

One interesting thing I have learned about Japan from anime and manga is the existance of the male romantic comedy. I's a middling to good example of said genre, worth buying if you like that sort of thing.

Iori Yoshizawa is the most beautiful girl in Ichitaka's class. It would normally be unthinkable for him to have a chance with her but when two students were needed to plan a student function the unthinkable happened. Even so Ichitaka has been burned before with women and so doesn't take full use of his opportunity and falls prey to numerous misunderstandings. However no misunderstanding could match the complications that arise from the arrival of Ichitaka's childhood friend Itsuki.

I's is a romantic comedy most definitely aimed at the male audience. While the manga has ample fan service it may actually be one of it's strong points as a great amount of attention and skill is spent on drawing the females of this manga. This is not to say that I's simply exists to show off cute girls. The story does take someone to get of the ground so to speak but once it does the complexity of the characters becomes apparent. Overall this is a manga that doesn't really reach outside of it's target audience but for those that enjoy the male romantic comedy I's is a welcome addition to your manga collection.

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