Print Review: High School Girls volumes 1-3

High School Girls volumes 1-3

Review High School Girls volumes 1-3Written by Warpshadow Rating good

Fan service shows and manga are perhaps worth a dime a dozen. If that is the case is perhaps High School Girls is worth it regardless of what the other eleven are like.

Eriko always dreamt of going to glamorous all girl school and when she went to high school she finally got her chance. When she snuck into school the day before class with her two friends Yuma and Ayano she found out the truth, instead of being a school of refined young ladies, the students have become slovenly since they no longer have to worry about boys. High School is always something of an adventure but this is more than Eriko and her friends bargained for.

High School Girls is a comedy manga where the title really says it all. This is a manga where the fan service is quite plentiful. Yet High School Girls is markedly different most fan service stories is written about women from a woman's perspective. As such this manga covers subjects most wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole. Also the weak male lead the so prevalent in the genre is thankfully pushed aside. Overall I think that High School Girls is a worthwhile buy for those that are looking for a manga that is funny and has cute girls if only that.

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