Print Review: World Exists For Me, The Volumes 1-2 complete

World Exists For Me, The Volumes 1-2 complete

World Exists For Me, The Volumes 1-2 completeWritten by WarpshadowRating good

One reason people read manga is that it has the continuation of stories that ended too soon in anime versions. However an ending that comes too soon happens in manga as well.

Sekai is a normal high school girl who while on a school trip decides to confess her love for a classmate of hers, Midou. She is in for a shock for Midou says that they should remain friends. However this pales in comparision to what happens next as the train derails and Sekai is saved from the accident by being transported in time by Soveul and the doll S. Now Seaki needs to navigate French history if she wants to survive much less get back to the present and Midou.

The World Exists For Me is a manga that had the potential to be a great story. Unfortunately this potential was crushed by trying to fit the story into two volumes. Due to this some of the important characters are not properly developed and the story's resolution is lacking. That being said this is a manga series with a really interesting concept and an interesting take on certain events in history particularly the history of Gilles de Rais. The artwork is a well done Shojo styled work by Chiho Satou. Overall this is not a must have but it is a nice addition to one's shojo manga collection.

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