Print Review: Scrapped Princess volumes 1-2

Scrapped Princess volumes 1-2

Review Scrapped Princess volumes 1-2Written by WarpshadowRating good

Scrapped Princess reads like a fairly generic fantasy novel. It's not great but not that bad either.

There is a legend of a princess who was prophesied to destroy the world on her sixteenth birthday but was killed in infancy, the scrapped princess. The truth that Princess Pacifa was taken away to live an ordinary life with the Casull family. Secrets of such a magnitude are not the sort of thing to stay hidden forever and sometime when when Pacifa is fourteen hired killers come for her. There is two obstacles in the assassins way, namely Pacifa swordsman brother Shannon and sorceress sister Raquel.

Scrapped Princess is a series of novels that take place in a fairly generic although not mythologically overpopulated fantasy world. This would make for nice entertainment if not for the feeling that these books lack a sense of tightness as there are long stretches of the book where little of import happens; sort of like filler episodes in an anime series. Scrapped Princess is good when it is good but when it isn't the story just drags. Shannon and Raquel Casull are interesting protagonists and do a good job of holding the readers interest although Pacifa is a different story. Overall I found these books to be readable but not very interesting, the sort of things you read if you like fantasy but need to kill time.

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