Print Review: Slayers Sorcerer of Atlas

Slayers Sorcerer of Atlas

Review Slayers Sorcerer of AtlasWritten by WarpshadowRating very good

There is something about the fantasy genre that lends itself to novel format Maybe it is the need for exposition to make a world seem real but it is the case. Itís a good thing that Slayers is in novel format for all your Slayers information needs.

Lina and Gourry were set on taking a bit of a vacation after their big fight with Shabranigdo in Atlas city. As luck would have it they are instead scouted for some mercenary work involving a dispute among two wizards vying for control of the sorcererís guild. Lina isnít enthusiastic about the whole idea but she changes her mind when a Mazoku tells her to stay out of it. Mazoku are naturally dangerous but it is even worse in the middle of a big city where Lina canít use her Dragon Slave.

This Slayers novel is a light read coming in at 218 pages plus an extra or two. First person perspective is used to good effect as Lina is a bit more diplomatic in the novels while still retaining her spit fire personality. Although there is some similarity to some episodes in the anime series there are enough differences that people familiar with the show will still find something new. Whether you have seen the anime or not the pacing of the novel is well executed, being fast paced but not convoluted. The novels are a must for any fan of the Slayers series.

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