Print Review: Tokyo Babylon volumes 1-3

Tokyo Babylon volumes 1-3

Review Tokyo Babylon volumes 1-3Written by WarpshadowRating good

Tokyo Babylon is a manga although not without merit is an example of something made before the creator's truly reached their artistic prime.

In the early 1990s the city of Tokyo was a metropolis where anything was possible. However in a city where almost any desire could be filled there is the problem of those desires causing all manner of supernatural problems as a result. Subaru Sumeragi is an Onmoiyji a wizard who uses his powers to help the people of the city as his job like his ancestors before him. With his twin sister Hokuto and eccentric lover Seishiro as his constant companions Subaru's life is anything but dull.

Tokyo Babylon is an attempt at a horror slash supernatural manga that in reality is more of a philosophical talking head piece more than anything else. However as a talking head piece it does fairly well given the lively characterizations of the main characters especially Hokuto and Seishiro. The artwork is decent although it was created early in CLAMP's career and thus lacks the polish that later works are known for. There is also the relationship between Subaru and Seishiro which is of a homosexual nature although this like much of the rest of the story is more told to the reader than made apparent through their actions. Overall I found Tokyo Babylon to be a decent title but one that I wouldn't recommend to most people other than fans of the creators (In all honesty I read this title looking for a bit more backstory to the manga X).

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