Print Review: Free Collars Kingdom volumes 1-2

Free Collars Kingdom volumes 1-2

Review Free Collars Kingdom volumes 1-2Written by WarpshadowRating fair/ good

To tell the truth I liked Free Collars Kingdom, but for all the wrong reasons. My integrity as a reviewer demands that I give this a lukewarm review at best.

Cyan is a young cat who loves nothing more than his life with his master, Kokoro. One day though Kokoro becomes sick and he moves away leaving Cyan all alone. As Cyan wanders about trying to find where his next meal could come from he meets a gang of stray cats called the free collars. They offer to let him join them and learn the ways of feral cats if only he can remove the collar that he wears by his own power within three days.

To put it simply the only real reason to buy Free Collars Kingom is to look at Cat girls. This is not to say that the characters or story is unbearable it is just they don't have the same quality that the artwork does. Although the story is technically about cats the characters in this manga cavort around looking like miniature people with cat ears and tails. Other than that the manga is a simple collection of short stories that have little in connection to each other, although having owned a cat before I can't really fault the creator that much knowing how they aren't creatures with much of an attention span. The cats don't always act like cats especially when they exhibit Otaku-like characteristics. In short this title is nothing more than a guilty pleasure.

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