Print Review: Onegai Twins volumes 1-2 (complete)

Onegai Twins volumes 1-2 (complete)

Review Onegai Twins volumes 1-2 (complete)Written by WarpshadowRating good

As a novel adaptation Onegai Twins is a fun read for those who liked the television series although to honest not everyone is one of those people.

Maiku Kamishiro was used to living alone. He lived in a house that he believed was his old family home from the only piece of evidence of his past, an old photo and worked while still going to school. One day a girl show up at his house looking for her past bearing the very same photo that Maiku has. Before Maiku can truly decide what to think of the situation another girl bearing the same photo appears. This is quite the problem as the photo only has two children on it meaning only one of the girls is Maiku's sister but which one is it?

For those of you that are familiar with the Onegai Twins anime show and are wondering if the novel is worth reading this book is a re imagination of the anime show so in a sense this is an entirely new story. It also measns it doesn't expect any prior knowledge of the series from the reader. What the story is thought is a basic shonen romantic comedy in book form with a sizable helping of fan service on the side. There are some good points to the story with the second half of volume two being the work's strongest part. The translation is generally smooth throughout the books although there is a couple of hiccups such as a passage which describes the audacity of a female character as having balls. I would consider recommending this title only for fans of the franchise and those looking for a bit of the fan service in written form.

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