Print Review: Tokyo Mew Mew volumes 1-7 complete

Tokyo Mew Mew volumes 1-7 complete

Review Tokyo Mew Mew volumes 1-7 completeWritten by WarpshadowRating good

The magical girl genre is a bit cyclical due to itís constantly changing target audience. In short Tokyo Mew Mew is simply the magical girl show of itís mini-generation.

Ichigo Momomiya was just a normal junior high student until one day she was struck by a light that implanted her with the DNA of a rare wildcat. While having cat ears pop oyut of your head is trouble enough the people responsible for Ichigoís new situation have new responsibilities for her. She has been chosen to fight aliens that mean to do the Earth harm along with four other girls like her. Being a young girl in love, a superhero and a waitress (as a cover for alien busting) is a lot for one girl to handle, will she be able to keep all her cups upon her tray?

Tokyo Mew Mew is a fairly standard magical girl manga that isnít really all that innovative. However to be fair the manga is targeted at girls who are probably not old enough to remember the genreís tendency to be repetitive. The translation is filled with modern slang which makes the dialogue a bit jarring to people that donít use said lingo themselves. This Is most definitely a shojo manga even it does contain things such things as cat-girls and waitress costumes that cater to those that watch magical girl shows for more nefarious reasons. Overall this is simple a manga title of itís genre and it should be read or ignored depending on oneís particular feelings toward said genre.

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