Print Review: Kagetora volumes 1-3

Kagetora volumes 1-3

Review Kagetora volumes 1-3Written by WarpshadowRating fair/good

Kagetora is romantic comedy with ninjas. As one would suspect there is only so far that the addition of ancient shadowy warriors can take a romantic comedy and I would say it isn’t all that much.

Kagetora Kazuma is one of the few people that carry the ancient tradition of the ninja. A ninja is nothing without an assignment and in Kagetora’s case he is to be Yuki Toudou’s body ground and martial arts trainer. This turns out to be a difficult mission as Yuki is a very clumsy girl and molding her into a martial arts master will be quite the task. However problems with training pale in comparison to those of Kagetora’s heart as a ninja is forbidden to fall in love with his charge no matter how cute or nice she may be.

Even though Kagetora is a manga about a ninja this is a series that is more of a romantic comedy than something about ninja action. As such it is a decent although unremarkable example of the genre. One particularly good thing about the setup is the nature of Kagetora’s vow allows the manga to draw out in typical romantic comedy fashion without pinning the main character as a spineless wimp although how well the average reader will accept that excuse . The artwork is pretty nice and the fan service is fairly mild. Overall this is a fairly decent although it does run around in circles a bit too much for many readers although that is a problem with many stories or it’s type.

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