Print Review: Sugar Sugar Rune volumes 1-4

Sugar Sugar Rune volumes 1-4

Review Sugar Sugar Rune volumes 1-4Written by WarpshadowRating very good

In creative writing classes one of the caveats it is often tossed about is that anything is okay as long as it is well written. Using that line of thinking I describe Sugar Sugar Rune as a magical girl story, but it is well writen.

Chocolate and Vanilla are witches from the magical world who have come to the human world in order to compete for the throne of the magical world. The contest to decide who will become the next queen is a test to see who can collect the most hearts. To collect a heart a witch or wizard must cultivate feelings of love in a human and then cast a spell turning those feelings into a crystal heart. This is a very dangerous game as while a witch can collect the hearts of many people if she falls in love with a human she is doomed.

To call Sugar Sugar Rune a magical girl manga is a fairly accurate but incomplete description.This is a manga that can question itís own premises making it more accessible to older readers but does this on a level that doesnít alienate itís target audience or make the main character become hard to believe. Chocolate is also a nice change from the all too common shojo heroine with a major self esteem problem. The artwork is pretty interesting, especially many of the characters having a vaguely inhuman look to them. If you like the magical girl genre at all this is a good manga for you to read.

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