Print Review: World of Narue

World of Narue

Review World of NarueWritten by WarpshadowRating good

Although I don’t usually make comparisons this manga does have the feel of a more juvenile Oh My Goddess although I wouldn’t recommend it as highly.

One day while on the way to school Kazuto saw a kitten in a box that was actually a dangerous alien. He was saved by Narue, a girl who is cute but a little strange, probably because she is an alien herself. Kazuto finds the girl interesting and so he asks Narue to be his girlfriend. It may sound like the story is over when she says yes but a relationship with an alien can land yourself in a world of craziness and then some.

World of Narue is a romantic comedy that one can tell from the occasional peek at Narue’s panties is one that is aimed at men. The atmosphere of this manga is very laid back as even though individual chapters may be funny or touching little happens that is of any real consequence. Although there are several other cute girls in this manga none of them makes a serious try for Kazuto so this isn’t much a love triangle type of manga. This is a fairly good read for those with more stress in their lives than boredom although it is one that I can not recommend that highly.

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