Print Review: Othello


Review OthelloWritten by WarpshadowRating good/ very good

An interesting concept and fairly good execution are what make Othello are pretty good manga. Not a classic mind you but still something that is worth reading.

Yaya Higuchi is a high school girl without much in the way of faith in herself. As a result her friends who aren’t really friends at all make fun of her and take advantage of her. Nana on the other hand is a brash girl who loves little more than to kick butt in the name of justice. While these two girls sound like they are as different as could be the truth of the matter is that they are actually two personalities living in the same body.

Although my guess is that Othello was created as wish fulfillment for girls who share the main character’s lack of self esteem this manga is accessible to just about anybody who like a pretty good shojo story. If you are willing to overlook a somewhat uncritical presentation of Yaya’s condition the characters will be enjoyable to watch. Although the shenanigans with Yaya’s jerk friends seems to go on for a while the story does move to more interesting pastures in volume two so it is worth bearing it out. Overall Othello is a pretty good shojo manga and a worthwhile addition to the collection of anyone who read a good deal of the genre.

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