Print Review: Pastel volumes 1-4

Pastel volumes 1-4

Review Pastel volumes 1-4Written by WarpshadowRating good

There are latterly tons of fan service manga out there and in risk of damming by fain praise I can that quite a few of them are worse than Pastel.

Mugi Tadano has just had his heart broken when his girlfriend left him when she went to Tokyo. As a response his friend took him to the beach to look for another hot girl to hook up with. He finds Yuu who fit’s the quite hot girl description quite well. A misunderstanding breaks the two apart but they reunite when Mugi finds out that Yuu is going to live with him. Mugi can’t tell Yuu how he feels because it would be just too awkward for her but how are they going to deal with the situation?

If there is one thing that I can say to describe Pastel it would be fan service being that this is another one of the many boy meets several hot girls and there are sexy misunderstandings type of manga. It turns out that Pastel is pretty good for the genre as many of these types of stories are best described as wastes of paper. First and probably most importantly this is a well drawn fan service manga as few things suck as much as poorly drawn panty shots. Also the story itself is not that horrible as it could be especially if you buy Mugi’s reason for not confessing to Yuu right of the bat. Even with these pluses Pastel remains nothing more than a niche title although I have seen worse trying to claim the same niche.

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