Print Review: Stray Little Devil volumes 1-3

Stray Little Devil volumes 1-3

Review Stray Little Devil volumes 1-3Written by WarpshadowRating good/ very good

Stray Little Devil is the story of a girl and her adventures in a fantasy world. Along the way she will learn valuable life lessons and wear hot pants.

Pam Akumachi grew up with stories of kind devils from her grandmother. One day she attempted to summon a kind devil but ended up being transported to another world. It was a world of angels and devils but no humans. Pam found out that the world being devoid of humans inclued her as she had been turned into a devil. She also found out that if she wants to return to her own world she needs to become a full fledged devil. The only person that she recognizes is the angel Linfa who resembles Pamís friend Rinka even though Linfa treats her as an enemy.

Although as a general rule I would say that the easiest way to determine a storyís target audience is to figure that it is the same age and gender as the main character. Stray Little Devil is a case where this isnít the case as there is a bit too much fan service and too little bishonen to categorize it as a shojo manga. On the topic of fan service this manga has it and the artwork makes it good service and fortunately it doesnít overpower other aspects of the story. The story as far as I read it is what I would call episodic if it was anime but most chapters tend to deal with Pam Learning some important life lesson on how to be a devil. While I wouldnít call it a classic Stray Little Devil is a fun read.

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