Print Review: Shakugan no Shana girl with fire in her eyes

Shakugan no Shana girl with fire in her eyes

Review Shakugan no Shana girl with fire in her eyesWritten by WarpshadowRating good/ very good

Although not too many anime fans read books that become anime the whole Shakugan no Shana franchise is in dire straights in this country so I suggest getting your hands on it anyway that is available.

Yuji Sakai was living a normal life until the day he found out that he had been dead for some time. That also the day that he met Shana, she is a Flame haze, a warrior who ate Yuji and left a temporary replacement called a torch in itís place. However Yuji is no ordinary torch for inside him lies a special device of unknown origin and powers. In order to the device out the hand of the hand of the crimson denizens who would use it for evil Shana decides to stay with Yuji and guard him.

Every franchise has a starting point and for Shakugan no Shana this book is it. The story for the most par is an exploration of a speculative fiction concept with a big action pay off at the end. The exposition for the story is handled decently with no unmanageable information dump which is a must in any book of this genre. This doesnít mean that the characters are neglected or stiff although there isnít much to say about them other than Yuji and Shana. Overall I found this book to be an interesting read and one that I would recommend.

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