Print Review: Pita Ten Volumes 1-4

Pita Ten Volumes 1-4

Review Pita Ten Volumes 1-4Written by WarpshadowRating good

Pita Ten is first and foremost a cute manga. It is a little, not much more than that but at least it is cute.

Kotaro is a lonely boy since his mother died in a car accident and his father works long hours. All this supposedly changes when a new neighbor moves in. Her name is Misha and she says she will be Kotaro's new mother as well claiming to be an angel. As would be expected Kotaru thinks the idea that she is an angel as well as Misha in general is ridiculous. As time wears on there may be more to Misha's proclamation than first meets the eye.

Pita Ten is a manga that utterly overflows with cuteness. The character designs are made especially cute and the artwork is nice and probably the best aspect of the manga. This aspect can reach beyond cute and become cloying especially when Misha's speech patterns are taken into consideration. Tokyopop's treatment of the manga leaves something to be desired as they fail to translate sound effects. The story is suprisingly somber for a story about cute kids which I found to be something of a disconnect although some people may find it to be an interesting juxtaposition. Overall I found Pita Ten to be a decent but not excellent manga best suited to fans of Koge Donbo's art style.

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