Print Review: Inverloch volumes 1-2

Inverloch volumes 1-2

Review Inverloch volumes 1-2Written by WarpshadowRating good

One thing that most American comics have over manga is that they come in color. However other than that this comic is pretty I can’t recommend it too much.

Even though Dakor have a reputation for violence Acheron is far more peaceful that what most people would believe. One day he meets an elven maiden named Shiara and becomes quite taken with her. Shiara however is still pining over her lost love Kayndan who was kidnapped twelve years ago. As shira can not search for him herself Acheron decide to leave the forest in order to find where Kayndan may be himself. However what chance does one man have of finding a man he has never met in a world that distrust Drakor?

Inverloch isn’t the type of comic that I usually review but I found it in the manga section of my library so I decided to give it a try. The artwork is very well done especially since it comes in color rather than black and white. The story would have been a good match for itif it wasn’t so preachy. The topic of discrimination is one that is well worth covering but when it results in the main character bemoaning the lack of racial harmony every five pages or so it does the story no favors. If you are willing to overlook that the characters are fairly but not overly interesting. If you like fantasy, don’t mind American manga or a bit of soap box in your stories you might just like Inverloch.

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