Print Review: Time Guardian volumes 1-2 (complete)

Time Guardian volumes 1-2 (complete)

Review Time Guardian volumes 1-2 (complete)Written by WarpshadowRating good

While this manga has an overall plot it better to look at this as a collection of morality tales with a time traveling twist added to them.

Like any normal girl her age Miu Asahina was late from time to time. She decided to set watch ahead not knowing that it was a piece of the puzzle that would allow her to reach a secret shop. The Kusaka time shop was a store unlike any ordinary one as it offers it’s customers free time to pay later if they offer precious memories as collateral. Tokikya, the manager of the time store notices that Miu reacts to a special watch and hires her on so she can help the customers of the time shop get the most out of their time purchases.

While I tend to perfer long running manga series to short one I nonetheless found Time Guardian to be a fairly enjoyable series. The basic format of the story consists of Miu helping out customers choose the right path mostly out of honest concern for them (ie the manga consists of morality tales but fortunately isn’t too preachy or annoying). Time Guardian could have run on for a bit longer but thankfully avoided the trap of becoming repetitive. Although this manga technically falls under the category of shojo it doesn’t rely on fan service for women so it is accessible to people outside the demographic. All in all Time Guardian is a good change of pace in one’s manga reading but not much more than that.

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